What is a GreenBox24?

A Greenbox24 is a secure, automated vending and dispensing kiosk capable of verifying a user’s identity and enabling the sale of Marijuana and related products in controlled environments like medical dispensaries and Marijuana retail stores (in states where this is legal).

How can the kiosk be used by a store or dispensary operator?

Verification & Sales. As a point of sale device to handle sales of product to customers who know what they want, who have pre-filled prescriptions or who want to search through the kiosks inventory for a product.

Inform and Educate. The kiosk can be used to help customers choose which product they want by providing a detailed description of each product and allowing for a face-to-face video conferencing session with a remote bud-tender.

Multi station sales. Several touch screens can be distributed throughout a store or dispensary allowing customers to browse and shop via an easy to use interface. Orders from these various screens can be directed to a single point of sale and pick up location elsewhere in the store.

After Hours Product Pick Up. Since the kiosk is secure like a safe, it can be used to offer customers the ability to pick up product after-hours at their convenience.

Is this for operators of recreational stores or medical dispensaries?

Both. The kiosk inventory is separated and classified differently depending on whether the customer is a recreational user or a medical user.

Are these systems legal in my state?

Each state has its own set of regulations regarding the sale of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. We are working diligently with all of the states who have announced recreational marijuana laws, and several of the states which have legalized medical marijuana distribution.

Are you working directly with the states in any way?

Yes. We’re currently working with several states as well as individual counties and even cities to ensure our systems comply with the intent and letter of the legal jurisdictions they fall within.

How does this kiosk handle monetary transactions?

GreenBox24 can handle cash and other forms of card payments.

Can I finance the purchase of a GreenBox24?

Yes, we work with a financing partner to enable financing your purchase over time. Please talk to a company representative for details.

How much does the kiosk cost?

Costs of the machines vary depending on the configuration. We may also be able to offer additional price incentives to the first GreenBox24 customers in a particular state. Please send us a note through the “Contact Us” page to find out more.

Can a GreenBox24 be used in a standalone fashion without an employee present?

Yes, the machine can support that use model. However there maybe legal ordinances In your state or city that don’t allow this use. Please check with your local authorities to determine the legal position in your area.