GreenBox 24 Kiosk

Primary Benefits

Reduces customer wait times

User friendly touch screens with HD video enables detailed pictures, video descriptions and recommendations for speedy decisions and fast automatic delivery in seconds.

Enables fast and efficient pre-orders

Orders are delivered with the entry of a PIN code (automated text message/email can be sent for customer notification).

Secures transactions with biometric verification

Fingerprint and facial recognition helps ensure secure deliveries to patients according to state requirements

Accepts multiple payments

Cash, card and EMV chip-based membership card with pre-pay capability

Maximizes sales per square foot

Over 400 products can be stored in a small, secure, employee-accessed area securing inventory and reducing loss.

Improves customer loyalty

EMV chip card can be loaded with various offers and buying programs

Allows budtenders to focus on new customers

Is a full-service dispensary

Not just a vending machine that can be connected to tracking software (like MJ Freeway); it can monitor customer purchases to maintain compliance with changing state regulations and track all products loaded and sold through it.

Can utilize remote browsing stations

To serve multiple customers simultaneously, and can create a network of systems to ensure legal purchasing limits are not exceeded.

Is Industry Proven

Hundreds of units are installed in pharmacies & dispensaries in Europe

In operation since 2008

Reduces Overhead and Loss

Requires less sta­ffing

Secures inventory and less shrink

Integrated with MJ Freeway and compatible with product tracking software

Available financing

Loan & lease options

GreenBox 24 Kiosk

Key Features


LegalAge State & Federal ID verification system with optional facial recognition system

Advanced Identification

Biometric Fingerprint authentication to tie the customer to the ID being used

Inventory Control

Separate product load/unload interface enables products to be handled only in a secure employee-accessed area


Fully integrated with seed-to-sale back-office software to maintain compliance with state various state regulations to track all products loaded into and sold through the kiosk

Configurable Use Model

Kiosk and/or remote ordering terminals can be networked with in or between dispensaries allowing patients to quickly pick up prescriptions or browse products they are legally allowed to purchase per regulations.


Detailed reporting/logging if every transaction through the kiosk for inventory control and revenue auditing

Physical Security

Heavy duty kiosk can be built through-wall, similar to bank ATMs – highly vandalism resistant

Locking Pickup Bay

Unlocks once products are dropped for the customer and will lock/freeze kiosk operations if products are not picked up by the patient